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Dubai Notary Public Services to be Provided Remotely

A recent circular from the Notary Public in Dubai confirmed that due to COVID-19 all Notary Public services, in all branches, would cease up till the 9th April 2020. Up until this date it has been confirmed that certain Notary Public services may be conducted remotely.

The following Notary Services can be conducted remotely:

i) Power of Attorney notarization; ii) Notarization of legal notices; iii) Acknowledgments; iv) Notarization of Local Service Agent Agreements; v) Notarization of Memorandums of Association and addendums thereto for civil companies.

All services relating to commercial companies’ memoranda and addenda have been transferred to Dubai Economy and are no longer dealt with by the Dubai Notary Public.

The remote working times for the Dubai Notary Public will be from 8am till 4pm from Sunday to Thursday.

The service requires a subscription to BOTIM and the Notary office will contact the attestor to the document through this video connection to establish identity and knowledge of the document which must be sent to the Dubai Notary Public’s dedicated email address in pdf format with an approved reference to the remote signing on the bottom of each page. The fees will be payable by credit card and the courier will deliver the document at a cost of AED21 to your address.

There is therefore no need to wait for 9th April 2020 before important notarizations are attended to and BSA is able to assist you in finalizing the arrangements for notarial execution of your documents during this already stressful time.

Authored ByHead of Indirect Tax and Conveyancing, John Peacock
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