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BSA, JAFZA and Dumon & Partners Host Reception in Paris, To Celebrate the French Emirati Friendship

The reception, which took place in Paris on 23 October on the occasion of the SIAL (the largest global international food products exhibition) and the Paris Art Fair, was held at a prestigious private residence along Avenue de Messine. The event was attended by a selection of UAE, Oman, KSA, and Qatar businessmen in addition to French entrepreneurs looking to explore opportunities in the Middle East.

The reception came following numerous collaborations between Bin Shabib & Associates, Dumon & Partners and JAFZA over the last few years to synergise business opportunities between France and the UAE. Jimmy Haoula, Managing Partner and Michael Kortbawi, Partner attended from Bin Shabib & Associates in Dubai, along with H.E. Dr Ahmed Bin Hazeem, the ex head of Dubai Courts.

During their visit to Paris, Bin Shabib was present at the SIAL alongside JAFZA - who were exhibiting at this year’s event.

Michael Kortbawi commented ‘We are delighted once again to serve as a bridge between the Middle East and France and advise our French clients in relation to opportunities in the region. The demand for expansion is today greater than ever and France has a lot to offer in terms of expertise.’

Bertrand Dumon, founder of Dumon & Partners who co-hosted the event also commented ‘Our day to day cooperation with Bin Shabib & Associates cross fertilises our legal practice and French Arab business network all over the Gulf region and makes our team one of the best in the Middle East for French European companies and entrepreneurs’.

The visit succeeded in stimulating investor interest in the Middle East region.

Dr Ahmad Bin Hezeem, Jimmy Haoula, Michael Kortbawi, Bertrand Dumon Dr Ahmad Bin Hezeem, Michael KortbawiBertrand Dumon, Jimmy Haoula

BSA, JAFZA and Dumon & Partners host reception in Paris.Bertrand DumonDr Ahmad Bin Hezeem, Bertrand Dumon

BSA, JAFZA and Dumon & Partners host reception in Paris.

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