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Supporting the French Business Council in Erbil, Iraq.

This month Bin Shabib & Associates (BSA) LLP supported the French Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates, in hosting a cocktail reception at the Divan hotel in Erbil.

The reception was attended by representatives from several French companies looking to invest in Kurdistan, government officials, Regulator of Insurance Authority, the French Embassy, the President of the French Business Council and Bin Shabib representatives - Michael Kortbawi, Partner in the Dubai office and Estelle Rami, Head of the Erbil office. Michael Kortbawi commented ‘Erbil is the ideal platform to explore Iraq and we believe that several investment opportunities for French companies will materialize over the next six months, mainly in tourism, food & beverage, security, logistics and construction. We are delighted to welcome the French Business Council of Dubai and Northern Emirates in Erbil and guide their members in their future endeavors in Kurdistan and Iraq’.

The Bin Shabib Erbil office opened in November 2012, expanding their current network of offices within the Middle East. The office marked a significant step in Bin Shabib’s plan to serve regional and international clients throughout the MENA region and acts as a gateway to providing a full range of legal services in the whole of Iraq Estelle Rami has recently been appointed as the new Head of Office in Erbil. Estelle has extensive knowledge of the MENA region and used to act as Legal Counsel for Solidere in Beirut, with legal expertise in real estate, corporate and tax. Estelle’s previous experience includes restructuring a group of companies, establishing financial schemes for development projects, monitoring new investments and advising on corporate and personal tax issues. Previously to joining Bin Shabib, Estelle was a legal consultant for Solidere Beirut and Solidere International.
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