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BSA Case Files Series: Bankruptcy Mock Trial

On Monday 21st November we hosted our Mock Trial event in collaboration with Lexis Nexis, taking an in-depth look at bankruptcy cases in the local UAE courts, including a case study showing court processes, protocols and procedures. 

This one-of-a-kind case study delved into how the recently amended UAE Bankruptcy Law impacts Director liabilities in the event of bankruptcy, how the law provides a rescue culture and a remedy to struggling firms in need of debt relief, as well as the punitive provisions of the law. 

The multimedium and interactive mock trial showcased the journey of a bankruptcy case through the Dubai Courts, from the initial hearings before the Court of First Instance to the Court of Appeal and finally to the referral back to the Court of First Instance for the final verdict. Throughout the event, videos were shown of a mock bankruptcy trial, with members of our litigation team explaining the proceedings throughout, guiding the audience through the courts procedure when handling bankruptcy cases, such as, Arabtec, NMC and Marka.

The session ended with an engaging panel of bankruptcy experts taking questions from the audience. 

Watch the videos of the Mock Trial itself below; will the Board of Directors – our defendants – be stripped of their company responsibilities and be required to pay off all debts to creditors?

Bankruptcy Mock Trial: Part One - Hearings and verdict before the Court of First Instance

Bankruptcy Mock Trial: Part Two: Hearings before the Court of Appeal 

Bankruptcy Mock Trial: Part Three - Referral back to the Court of First Instance and the final verdict

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