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BSA launches first of it’s kind UAE Law Precedent Book

BSA was pleased to launch a new, and first of its kind, UAE Law Precedent Book at the World Litigation Forum 2023, in partnership with SADER as a special edition of their Courts Series. 

This Precedent Book covers a case file history from the Court of First Instance through to the Court of Cassation in the Dubai Courts, over a span of 20 years. Each case includes detailed analysis, with key legal terms indicated, relevant laws cited and the key legal rules extracted.

The Book offers access on how the Courts, at different levels, have treated the facts, applied the law and upheld their outlook into the UAE Law.
Shaaban Metwally, Litigation Partner at BSA, who handled these cases throughout his tenure at the firm, stated:

“This Book showcases the evolution of the legal and regulatory framework in the UAE over the past 20 years. Many of the cases included are pathfinder, precedent-making cases and provide the key legal questions put forward in the Judgment, Proceedings and Issues of Law, which will be of interest to any legal practitioner in the UAE.”

Rany Sader, Chief Legal Innovation Officer, SADER, stated:

“I would like to congratulate BSA on their 20 years anniversary. A big corporate success that we enjoy celebrating by launching this compilation of 20 of their major cases which are considered landmarks in the UAE legal culture. Wishing BSA great Leadership and team a whole new level of success.”

For further information, please contact us at bsa.comms@bsabh.com

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