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Corporate Counsel Middle East Legal Forum 2014

Sponsors and workshop hosts at the 2014Corporate Counsel Middle East Legal Forum Hosted by Legal Week at the Mina A'Salam Dubai on 14 May 2014

Re-establishing confidence in Real Estate and Construction Speakers:Jimmy Haoula,Antonios DimitracopoulosandJohn Peacock

How can we assist in the completion of stalled projects in Dubai?
We have all heard of the Tayseer and Tanmia initiatives of the DLD, the ability to get information from the DLD regarding progress on stalled development projects, the news about numerous cancelled projects, and more recently, the establishment of a judicial committee to liquidate cancelled projects, however how much is actually being done to boost investor confidence in the Dubai property market, and can we assist herein?

Is it not perhaps time for legal professionals to assist and at the same time facilitate a profit from multiple property transactions without the payment of transfer fees?

If we have investor clients that are interested in taking advantage of the steadily improving property market or developer clients that are indeed struggling to complete projects, with 2020 only a few short years away, let's discuss the possibility.... and contribute to the re-establishment of international confidence in the Dubai real estate market.

Whatever efforts are made to avoid them, delays in completion are part and parcel of the construction industry and real estate sector. In practice, whether an extension of time or prolongation costs claim survives the scrutiny of the legal process, may depend on factors that are not as obvious as one would expect. In this interactive workshop based on real life scenarios, from Bin Shabib & Associates' extensive experience in serving the real estate and construction sector, you would take part in a determination of what the legal entitlements are, what was eventually decided by judicial and arbitral authorities and why.

For a copy of the materials please contact Kerry Schultz, Head of Marketing
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