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International Corporate Procedures (ICP): UAE update 79

The UAE economy harbours an exceptional combination of commercial and environmental advantages which, coupled with the UAE’s political and economical stability, and the lenient approach to business; make the UAE a supreme investment environment for foreign enterprises and individuals.

Geographically, the UAE is ideally placed to reach consumers of the region’s rapidly growing markets. In addition, UAE based enterprises enjoy a benevolent tax system, with most businesses operating without direct corporate taxation, taxation on dividends, or capital gains taxation. Moreover, and subject to the anti-money laundering regulations in place, no restrictions exist on outward and inward remittance of funds.

All of this explains why businesses are choosing to invest in the UAE. International Corporate Procedures provides all the necessary regulatory information to make an informed decision about whether to open an overseas office, set up a cross-border joint venture or acquire businesses overseas.

ICP - Book Image To get your copy, visit www.jordanpublishing.co.uk
Authors: Bin Shabib & Associates
Contribution Authors: MazenTalih
Chapter/Jurisdiction: United Arab Emirates
Date December 2014
Published by: Jordan Publishing

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