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New regulations from National Media Council on electronic media

The National Media Council (“NMC”) has today issued new regulations with the aim of providing clear guidelines for the publishing of all types of electronic media. While the NMC is responsible to oversee all applicable regulations in the media industry, there has not been any body of law addressing how information can or should be published online.

The new regulations are set to apply to information published on websites as well as on social media accounts. With these new regulations, the NMC is aiming to provide much needed regulatory guidance in the online space as well as provide adequate protection mechanisms for publishers and creators of online content.

The NMC has provided a 3-month moratorium for concerned companies to begin complying with the new regulations while also providing exemptions for government entities, universities, schools and the online activities of licensed traditional media entities. Entities which are not already licensed by the NMC and operate an online platform must carefully study the new regulations to ensure that they take the necessary steps to remain compliant.

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