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Rima Mrad, Partner, attends GCC to Paris Legal Mission

Rima Mrad, Partner based in our DIFC office, was invited to attend the LexisNexis legal mission in Paris for GCC-national women lawyers in September this year.

One of the aims of the 4-day mission was to allow participants to become more familiar with the French legal system and the French legal professions.The GCC countries are civil law countries, a legal system inherited from Egypt. Egypt, in turn, inherited its civil law system from France. This mission helped French and GCC legal professionals learn more about similarities and differences in French and GCC legal systems.

The delegation also had the opportunity to meet with judges of theCourt of Cassation and the State Council and their counterparts from the biggest law firms, notary firms, and companies in France, as well as with French legal professional associations,such as the French Bar Association and the Superior Council of Notaries.

Another aim of the mission was to promote the image of GCC countries in France and more generally to strengthen existing economic and legal relations between France and GCC countries. Guillaume Deroubaix, the Managing Director of LexisNexisMiddle East and North Africa, stated one of the main objectives of thismission is “to strengthen the links between France and the GCC countries through these kinds of initiatives and to learn more from the experience”.

Finally, this mission and the quality of its members illustrate a stilllittle-known aspect of the vitality of the women in this region and their increasingly prominent role in the legal field at local and regional levels.

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