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Speaking engagement at the Islamic Insurer’s Association of London (IIAL)

Speaker at the Islamic Insurer’s Association of London (IIAL).

Hosted by IIAL in partnership with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC),held atDIFC, on 8th November 2015 hop over to this website.

Topic: IIAL & UAE: Working in Partnership to Develop Islamic Insurance

Presenters: Dr. Ahmad Bin Hezeem and Michael Kortbawi.

Dr Ahmad, Senior Partner delivered the opening speech. Michael Kortbawi, Partnermoderated a panel discussion on ‘Regulation & Legal – Driving a common framework within Islamic Economies’.

Dr. Ahmad Bin Hezeem delivering the opening speech.

Dr. Ahmad delivering opening speech.

Michael Kortbawi moderating the panel

Michael Kortbawi moderating the panel.


The IIAL has been formed to create a truly representative body to support the work of those in the UK re/insurance markets that are transacting Islamic finance.

Insurance and Reinsurance has been the last of the financial services sectors in London to establish Sharaih compliant operations and products and as such it needs an association to provide a strong and authoritative voice with both UK and international governments and regulators.


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