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Structuring real estate ownership in Dubai: Pre-conference seminar

Speaker at the Structuring real estate ownership, pre-conference seminar in Dubai.

Hosted by Academy & Finance, at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel on 1 March 2016.

Topic: Introduction to real estate ownership in the UAE.

Presenter: John Peacock, Senior Associate

He covered the following issues on real estate ownership:
      • Property right in Shari’a law and UAE law
      • Understanding the different ownership regimes
      • Leasehold
      • Publicity of ownership of land and buildings
      • Restriction on foreign ownership of land/real estate.
The seminar focussed on compliant and efficient ownership structures for acquisition of real estate assets in Dubai by non UAE/GCC investors.

If you have any real estate queries, please contact John – john.peacock@bsabh.com.
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