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Why Dubai destroyed fake iPhones, Rolex, LVs worth millions

Thousands of fake goods, including counterfeit smartphones, electronic devices, bags,and watches were hammered, compressed and shredded by Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED)on Tuesdayto send a "clear message to protect consumers against fraudulent practices."

Commenting on the efforts by the DED in today's edition of Khaleej Times, Munir Suboh, Partner and Head of IP here at BSA, said: "We are eager to see the enhanced version of Intellectual property electronic gateway. It was insightful learning from officials the number of seized goods and the value of confiscated goods - it was a very transparent initiative. We are certainly keen to work with DED to control the online trade of counterfeit products, that is available on non-regulated e-commerce websites and social media accounts which are managed or associated with entities that are based in Dubai."

Read the full article here.

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