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Remote Property Registration: Remote Process

In order to facilitate the registration of real properties in Dubai during the COVID-19 lockdown period, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Registration Trustees have implemented a procedure by which buyers and sellers can finalize the registration processes without physically being present in the Registration Trustees offices or even in the United Arab Emirates.

Step #1

After contacting a Registration Trustee, email clear color scanned copies of the following documents to the Registration Trustee:
  • Form F – Contract between seller and buyer
  • Any Addendum(s) to Form F
  • Title Deed
Seller and buyer’s details as follow: Individuals:
  • Passport
  • Residency visa page and Emirates ID
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property/master developed
  • Mobile numbers and email addresses
Seller companies:
  • Trading/Commercial license, including the parties and the ratios page
  • Owner’s passport
  • The signatory’s power of attorney
  • The Power of Attorney’s passport
  • NOC from the property/master developer
  • Mobile numbers and email addresses
Limited liability companies:
  • Trading license, including the parties and the ratios page
  • MOA including a translated Arabic version
  • Incumbency certificate
  • Mobile numbers and email addresses
Offshore companies:
  • Trading license
  • MoU translated into Arabic
  • For offshore buyers, we need a No Objection Certificate from the free-zone
  • Incumbency certificate
The official bank account information with the IBAN (plus SWIFT Code for sellers accounts held outside the UAE) for each of:

* the seller * the real estate agency (if applicable) * the property/master developer (if applicable)

The details or bank details any other involved parties in the transaction, such as any bank which holds a mortgage.

The costs of any NOC required will have to be paid and the necessary documents submitted to the property/master developer as they may require for the issue thereof. The payment for the NOC will be determined in the sale and purchase agreement between the parties.

It is important to establish with any bank what their requirements are regarding any mortgage release figures and cancellation processes and that the bank’s involvement is coordinated with the Registration Trustee and the DLD.

Step #2

The Registration Trustee will confirm receiving the documents to the parties by email.

Step #3

One of the officers from the Registration Trustee office will contact the parties' after checking the documents and records - informing documentation is ready to submit to the DLD system or of any missing documents.

Step #4

The buyer will receive an SMS from the DLD with the DLD’s fees and escrow bank account details and a breakdown of monies to be deposited as follows:
  • 4% of the purchase price to the DLD plus AED10 Knowledge Fee into the DLD fees account
  • The DLD’s title deed issuing fee of AED500, any further administration fees such as AED250 if the property is either a villa or apartment and AED30 Knowledge Fee on all payments also made into DLD fees account
  • Sale price, real estate agency commission and bank release amount (if applicable) amounts into DLD escrow account
The Registration Trustee’s fee will be paid separately by direct online payment and will be either:
  • AED5,000 + AED250 (5% VAT) if the price of the property is equal or more than AED500,000; or
  • AED3,500 + AED17 (5% VAT) if the price of the property is less than AED500,000
Step #5

The buyer must send proof of deposits after making payments to the Registration Trustee, who will, in turn, forward the same to the DLD. The Registration Trustees will also forward the collected documentation required by the DLD to them for processing.

Step #6

The DLD auditor will contact all the parties to verify and ensure the seller and buyer’s details (mobile numbers & email addresses) are correct, confirm the parties' identities, verify the transaction and transaction details. The DLD will approve the registration within 3 working days of receipt of all requirements.

Step #7

The DLD will send the (E-Title Deed) to the buyer by email and make the payment of the sale price due in terms of the sale, the purchase agreement to the seller, and the real estate agency commission to the real estate agent.

BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP is able to provide assistance with the above process and give guidance during your entire real estate processes, be it selling, purchasing, leasing, or advice on any other property rights, interests of agreements.

Authored byHead of Indirect Tax and Conveyancing,John Peacock
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