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Step by step guide to UAE VAT registration


John Peacock, Head of Indirect Tax and Conveyancing, and Tyne Hugo, Associate, wrote a comprehensive step by step process on how to register for VAT in UAE.

The UAE VAT regime was implemented on 1 January 2018 putting into operation Federal Decree-LawNo 8/2017 on Value Added Tax and Cabinet Decision No 52/2017 on the Executive Regulations to the aforementioned law (together with the VAT Law). With the promulgation of Cabinet Decision No 56/2017 on Medication and Medical Equipment subject to Tax at Zero-Rate and Cabinet Decision No 59/2017 on Designated Zones there is more clarity regarding the obligations upon businesses to register under the VAT Law. A number of business entities, whether companies, individuals or otherwise, have been under the impression that their registration was not mandatory due to the nature of their supplies or that they were unaffected as they conduct business in a free-zone and have thus elected not to register. The registration deadline for business entities has been extended until 30 April 2018 and companies and individuals are encouraged to register and take advantage of the amnesty granted to register without penalty before this date. Once a business entity has established its registration obligations, the processes involved in registering for VAT in the UAE set out below can be followed.

Click herefor the step by step process how to register!

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