Shamma Alkindi

Dubai, UAE

T. +971 4 528 5555

Shamma is an Emirati lawyer licensed in the federal and local courts of the UAE.

She is a member of the advocacy and litigation teams, based in the firms' Dubai office. 

Shamma graduated from the University of Sharjah with distinction with honors, and is currently in the process of discussing her master's thesis, which is entitled “Legislative means to confront cybercrime against security information systems and artificial intelligence techniques in the UAE legislation: A comparative study”.

Shamma has experience in various areas of litigation, and represents our clients in the federal and local courts. She has extensive experience in the field of criminal cases and procedures for the police station, public prosecution and courts, and has expertise in the maritime field. Shamma has extensive experience with giving lectures at seminars, conferences, and universities. She recently took part in the firms' highly successful Mock Trial event. 

Areas of expertise
  • Litigation
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