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We help people do business all over the Middle East. It doesn’t matter what sector you operate in or whether you’re a fledgling local business or a multi-national corporate.

As a regional law firm with offices in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon and Iraq, we can help you negotiate the maze of local regulations and ensure your business interests are protected at all times.

Jimmy Haoula

Asim Ahmed

Lara Barbary

Kenneth Dixon

Mohammed Al Ahdal

Bassel Boutros

Hassan El Shahat Mohamed

Tyne Hugo

Hadiel Hussien

Ashraf Ibrahim

Robert Mitchley

Asma Siddiqui

Hashem Al Ahdal

Rita Ayoub

Patrick Chabhar

Himanshu Chahar

Yasin Chowdhury

Gabriel El Jobaili

Hassan Elagawani

Mahmoud Elgousi

Ahmed Labib

Majdi Luqman

BSA is
we are
  • Attentive to every detail
  • Modern, progressive and commercially focused
  • Focused on excellence
  • Innovative in everything we do
  • Fluent in a range of 22 languages including Arabic, English and French
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