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DIFC Wills

BSA corporate associate Bradley Moran has recently been approved as a DIFC Will Draftsman.

A DIFC Will is one of the most straightforward ways for non-Muslim expatriates living in the UAE to direct and protect the succession of their local assets if anything should happen to them.

If you’re a non-Muslim and die without a Will, or with only an overseas Will (i.e. a Will in the UK) then your local assets will be distributed according to Shari’ah law and not necessarily in accordance with your wishes. If you have children, in the absence of a Will, the local courts can become involved and decide who would become your child’s guardian.

A properly drafted and registered DIFC Will offers you, your family and any children you may have the comfort of legal certainty, family planning, distribution instructions and protection for your assets.

To be eligible to register a Will with the DIFC Wills Registry you must be:


2.an adult (over 21 years); and

3.have assets in the UAE.

Finally, in light of COVID-19, the DIFC has enabled an efficient, simple and user-friendly means to virtually and remotely effect the registration of a DIFC Will.

If you have any questions or you are interested in setting up your own Will please contact Bradley at bradley.moran@bsabh.com.

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