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In-House Congress Dubai

Mohammed Nedal Dajani Senior Associate, Head of Sharjah & Northern Emirates offices nedal.dajani@bsabh.c...
Mohammed Nedal Dajani Senior Associate, Head of Sharjah & Northern Emirates offices nedal.dajani@bsabh.com
Co-host of In-House Congress Dubai Hosted by Pacific Business Press, at the Raffles hotel, Dubai on 26 February 2014

Practice Area Workshop:Getting an Arbitral Award worth the paper It Is written on: A real case-based walkthrough of what actually happens in the UAE

Presenters: Antonios Dimitracopoulos, Mohammed Nedal Dajani and Jon Bridgewater

With focused panel discussion groups and practice area workshops, In-House Congress Middle East, Dubai 2014 elucidates the key issues affecting in-house legal practice in Middle East and throughout the region.

Now in its eighth year, the In-House Congress Middle East, Dubai brought together over 210 senior counsel, Directors and CEOs to analyse and discuss issues such as: US Foreign and Economic Policies, Sanctions, CFIUS and the Impact on the Middle East; 20/20 Foresight: delivering EXPO. Key issues in developing and financing projects, including lessons learnt during Dubai’s past decade; Employment Law in the UAE and Directors' Duties; Getting an Arbitral Award Worth the Paper It Is Written on: A Real Case-based Walkthrough of What Actually Happens in the UAE; Deal or No Deal – M&A and JV trends in Africa and GCC; Protecting Your Brand and Reputation – the Role of an In House Lawyer, From Prevention To Crisis Management; Dispute Resolution: 10 Things Every In-house Counsel Should Know; and Corporate Governance in M&A Transactions – Pre & Post Transaction Activities to Maximise Opportunity & Mitigate Risk.
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