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UAE Golden Visa - Implication on the UAE Ecosystem

As part of a wider article, Arabian Business asked Bradley Moran about the updated regulations on Golden Visas and the implications to the ecostystem.

In response, Bradley answered; "The UAE has always done what it can to attract foreign investment; however the latest updates to the UAE Golden Visa will usher in a new generation and scope of foreign investment which will serve to boost the UAE’s global position as an investor-friendly business ecosystem.

The newly implemented executive regulations extensively expands the qualifying categories for the Golden Visa targeting those of the innovative, pioneering and hard-working persuasions. It is clear from the expanded categories that the UAE seeks to attract the next generation of skilled individuals and entrepreneurs from all over the world to bring their dreams and potential here to the UAE by introducing a future stabilizing factor, in the form of the Golden Visa, to an already well established business environment well suited to investment and growth of start-ups.

Moreover, the latest revisions now enable holders of the coveted visa to stay outside the UAE for as long as needed (without it affecting their residence status), sponsor their family members (including spouses and children regardless of their age) and sponsor an unlimited number of domestic support staff (as needed). Thus, any concerns one might have had regarding long-term residency, family stability or international travel have now been assuaged.

With the added perks of special offers on property, cars, healthcare, hospitality (and even preferential mortgage rates from certain banks) the new regulations to the Golden Visa will undoubtedly spark a new wave of interest in the UAE enabling the UAE to strengthen its society, diversify its economy and accelerate innovative growth."

Read the full article on Arabianbusiness.com: Will the updated Golden Visa Rules boost the UAE's talent retention drive?

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